Terms of use

Welcome to lynjet.com!

We provide a subscription service that allows our members to access our offers and service availability in terms of private jet chartering that responds to their needs. Our service also includes publishing recommendations, last minute deals at the best rate and other relevant information regarding private jet rental offers.

Lynjet.com service is distributed by Global Jet Partner Ltd, a limited liability company with headquarters in England. These terms of use are intended to define the use of our services. We will use the terms "lynjet.com commitment", « the service », « our service » to define the service provided and delivered by lynjet.com in the search and reservation of a private jet online including all features and functionality consisting of the website, user interfaces, and the content and software associated with our service.

  • Subscription: your lynjet.com subscription is due in full prior to accessing the flight search service or last minute deals and will continue until its cancelation. Unless you cancel your subscription before the anniversary date of your renewal, you authorize us to deduct your next annual membership fee in accordance with the chosen method of payment (see cancellation policy in section 2). In order to use our service you must have an internet connection and provide us with a valid and acceptable method of payment which you can update at any time from your customer account. You will find the details related to your subscription in your customer account or on your first invoice.
  • Billing: Membership fees are billed on an annual basis, applicable to the selected method of payment and are renewable on the date of subscription to the service. In some cases, it is possible, that the renewal date may be updated according to the subscription date for instance in the case of deferred debits for unidentified reasons at the date of the anniversary of payment.

In the event that a direct debit fails, due to unavailable funds or the non-updating of your means of payment or even cancellation of your account, we reserve the right to suspend your account or access to the service, until we obtain a valid means of payment. Therefore, you authorize us to continue with the invoice on the method of payment input and remain liable for any uncollected payment due to us. This may result in a change of the subscription date. We will not be held liable for the costs inherent to the rejection of your payment and the fees that may be charged by the issuer of your payment method. We invite you to check with your bank.

You may cancel your subscription at any time and you will have access to your account until the end of subscription or the renewal of the service. We do not give any refund or credit note after subscription, even in case of partial use of your subscription whether or not it generated a purchase on lynjet.com. To cancel your subscription, you can send us an email to charter@lynjet.com stating your details and your means of payment and we will proceed to its cancellation. You will be able to enjoy the service until the date of the end of subscription mentioned in the confirmation email of your cancelation.

Price changes and adjustment of subscription types.

We may change the subscription categories at any time. However, these changes may not be made in less than 30 days after notification by email. These changes apply to all users of our service. Any price change will apply in the next direct debit corresponding to the anniversary date of your membership.

  • The service lynjet.com: in order to use our service and register to it you must necessarily be 18 years of age or older, or the age of majority in your city, country of residence.

The lynjet.com service and any use of content, must be reserved exclusively for personal use and not commercial use. By this subscription, we allow you limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable licensed access to our software and by consequence conduct private jet searches or obtain last minute deals at very attractive rates. Thus, you agree, in fact, not to use the service for commercial purposes. The information to which you have access depends on the type of subscription chosen and which appears on « your account »

We continually update our website and its content especially a list of private jets and their location for their use as a charter. We also test regularly several aspects of the service provided, including the website and its contents, user interfaces, promotional offers and their features, as well as the availability of the aircrafts you accept.

You agree to use the lynjet.com service with all features and functionality associated with it, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and other possible restrictions on the use of the service or its content. You agree not to archive, store, download, reproduce, distribute, modify, list, publish, create derivative works, resell, or use (except as expressly stated in this conditions) the content or information contained or obtained through lynjet.com. You also agree not to remove, alter, disable, degrade, or counteract all or partially the content protected on lynjet.com and the associated service; or even use a robot, cookie, or any other automated way to access the lynjet.com service; or disassemble, take apart, decompile any software or other computer product that allows lynjet.com service to function properly; or insert computer codes, or products or manipulate the content of the lynjet.com service in any way or to make any data extraction, collect, transmit or send any computer hardware intended to interrupt, destroy, harm or limit the software operation or any software associated with the lynjet.com service including any virus, spyware, or any computer code, files or programs.

We therefore reserve the right to suspend, restrain or terminate your membership if you violate these « Terms of Use » or if you are suspected of being engaged in illegal activities or fraudulent use of the service.

  • Your user name and password: the member has the initiative for the creation of their account on lynjet.com and is responsible for the payments and the means of payment choice (the "Account Holder") has access and manages his account on com. In order to maintain the management of the account and prevent anyone from accessing the user account (which would include the visibility of the account history), the account holder should not, under any circumstances, communicate the password or the method of payment specially the last 4 digits of your card or your email address if you use paypal) to anyone. You are responsible for updating, managing and/or modifying the information contained in your account as well as its veracity.

You must be vigilant with regard to any external request for input of credit card information or information regarding to your account. Formulating a response to these communications may result in usurpation of your identity and fraudulent use of your account. It is recommended that you never access your customer account through external links but always through the lynjet.com website, even if the links or email addresses appear to be official. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel, your account in order to protect you and protect our data from any possible fraudulent activity.

  • Applicable law. These terms of use are controlled by the applicable laws of England. These conditions do not constitute a territorial or geographical limit and apply to any user whatever their country of residence.
  • Application of third parties. You may encounter applications developed and published by third parties on the lynjet.com website (including without limitation, links to other sites, widgets, software or other usable software) ("Applications") that interact with lynjet.com and its service; The use or consultation of its applications is subject to the conditions of use and license of the third party participant and does not compromise any responsibility or the image of lynjet.com and its service.
  • Electronic communications. The information regarding your account will be sent to you by email (e.g.: authorization of payment, invoices, change of password or means of payment, message confirmation or information notes)
  • Customer service. For more information about our services and their features or if you need assistance as to the use of our appointment service on our website, contact us by email at charter@lynjet.com.
  • In the event that a clause regarding the present terms of use had to be denounced, the clauses regarding the various detailed sections remain applicable unless amendment or notification of the contrary.
  • Changes to our terms of use. Lynjet.com reserves the right to update or amend the terms of use at any time. The new terms of use will be sent to your account after notification no less than 30 days before the application of these new conditions.