Lynjet.com is a private jet platform offering 24/7 aircraft availability and prices. Using the search engine requires registration and a fee.


Lynjet.com belongs to Global Jet Partner, a French leading company specialized in the private jet charter industry. This brand is fully dedicated to online private jet charters. Developed as an effortless virtual platform, it offers each customer a large choice of private jet aircrafts with a worldwide coverage.

This way, in a click, each visitor has the possibility to book a private jet in less than 5 minutes.

This website facilitates the rental process of a private jet and gives access to rates in real time wherever the client is.


As fast and fun as buying a train ticket, a fashion bag or a luxury watch, renting a private jet has become extremely easy.

Whether you fly within short notice or want a leisure trip, you can have at your disposal an instant quote.

Lynjet.com allows you to choose among 500 aircrafts listed on the market and give you an online quote on a selection of aircrafts.

Whether it is for a short-haul or a long-haul flight, lynjet.com has created this innovative system to suit you with the right aircraft according to your budget. 


Our team has created this online platform with the desire to offer the best service through its search engine. Looking for a luxury aircraft or a taxi-jet? This website offers the possibility to compare aircrafts within the same category and choose the most competitive solution. There are no hidden costs, no extra charges after your booking and no extra services if you don't need one.


Lynjet.com offers a large selection of services with a low fare rate on its small aircraft types like: The Citation Mustang and The Phenom 100 (4 seats), ideal aircrafts for point-to-point transport services.  

When travelling in these types of aircrafts, you benefit from the most interesting tariff on the market as they are a cost-efficient travel solution.

The on-board service is concise and prioritize the transport. It is the ideal option for short flights during which the client can have coffee, snacks and read the news.

Cost-effectiveness and confidentiality are the main benefits.

Lynjet.com is engaged with a global process of clients satisfaction. This innovative tool has been created to break off the opacity of the market and offer honest prices and a whole range of personalized services.

Avant-gardist is the key word that defines this new platform. Lynjet.com offers the latest aircraft models available on the market being at the leading edge of technology (Challenger 350 or Legacy 500). The aircrafts offered, in their majority, are no older than 5 years.

Before proceeding with fleet updates, Lynjet.com team ensures that each new aircraft meet our standards in terms of insurance, safety and transport licence.

The aircrafts proposed will allow clients to organise a corporate flight as well as a world tour. The Global and Heavy category jets will enable you to contemplate this tour.

You can find more information in « our fleet » page.

As a committed brand towards safety and security, our team follow a strict selection process for new aircrafts.

We are fully involved in the security process of the planes and the bill of specifications is the same as the one used for the entire group and appears on the website globaljetpartner.com

The group as a whole has a coverage of 100 USD millions. The insurance certificate will be made available in your « my account » at the end of any reservation.

We have a grading system that is made available on-site for the customer and that includes many criteria such as crew availability, interior and exterior appearance, documents received from the owner - operator and the experience of Global Jet Partner.

After nearly 4 years of experience in the private jet industry and the air charter market, Global Jet partner intends with lynjet.com to begin its digital transformation. With a satisfaction rate of almost 100% of the company's customers since 2013, the company offers from now on, a smart tool that saves time. Thus, transparency and choice make sense.

With a touch of French service, Global jet Partner appeals to many French customers but above all foreigners, making « word of mouth » the first source of growth of the company.

Mainly positioned on the high-end market, Global Jet Partner together with lynjet.com

wishes to extend its know-how and reach a wider clientele.

Our objectives remain undoubtedly the responsiveness and customer satisfaction in the realization of the chartering.

While 97% of customers have renewed their satisfaction, Global Jet partner recorded no technical incidents during the past fiscal year.

However, conscious that zero risk does not exist in the private jet industry, the team has developed risk management processes to prevent and prepare for the occurrence of this eventuality.

The Group has succeeded in building a strong and trustworthy image with its clients and prospects, thanks to major events: marriage, COMEX Tour for major French accounts etc …

Offering the most luxurious aircraft from the Falcon 7x to the B757VIP, each customer can thus organize his own event.

Lynjet.com as a trademark of Global Jet Partner offers an insurance coverage for every charter up to USD 100 million. To receive a copy of our insurance certificate, do not hesitate to send us your request by e-mail to legal@globaljetpartner.com or charter@lynjet.com.

The RC charter insurance is mandatory for all providers wishing to offer private jet or charter services and we make a copy of our certificate available to any client or prospect.

RC Ship Charter insurance is mandatory and necessary for all providers wishing to offer private jet or charter services and we have a copy of our certificate available to any client or prospect.

The insurance taken out by the Group is in additional to our service providers insurance and reinforce the level of coverage of our customers.

Our team remains at the disposal of our customers for any additional information concerning our certifications or subscribed insurances.